Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hello, Cruel World

I guess I'm really getting into this whole blogging thing. (I've even recently been delving into the Twitter micro-blogging scene, which I've always personally seen as a solution looking for a problem.) I have the developer blog and I really enjoy contributing to that, but now I guess I also need a place for my personal entries. A little personal stuff is fine there, but not too much.  (And of course I also have the Google Voice blog, but that's just silly.)

There used to exist my personal website, where the primary content for a long time was pretty much a blog, but like many things that has faded away into history. That site was more about being a web development playground than about its content. And the content just wasn't all that great, with a few exceptions that I may migrate to here in time.

And as I've moved away from self-hosting everything, which was more effort than it was worth, and more toward using the tools that are already available, here I find myself creating another blog to fill the gap of that old site. Maybe I'll be able to generate better content this time, maybe not. Either way, writing is better than not writing.

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